Virtualbox 4.0.2 Mac OS X host with Windows 2008 R2 Guest

How to make the Windows 2008 R2 Guest recognize external USB HD.


  1. Have VirtualBox 4.0.2 R69518 installed on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)
  2. Have a VM or Guest OS –>Windows 2008 R2 installed and running
  3. Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extion_Pack installed

Now here’s a procedure to get the Windows 2008 R2 to recognize the external USB HD.

  1. Connect the external USB HD and have Mac OS X(host) mount the HD or HD’s.
  2. Once the HD has been mounted, create a new USB filter (VM Settings–>USB) and point it to that external USB HD or HD’s.
  3. Now you’ve got all the information for the Device Filter to be active.
  4. From the Host OS (Mac OS X), unmount the external USB HD or HD’s.
  5. Now, boot or start your Guest OS (VM)–>Windows 2008 R2.
  6. Logon to the VM (Windows 2008 R2).
  7. Physically connect the external USB HD or HD’s.
  8. The Windows 2008 R2 should have mounted or recognized the external USB HD or HD’s first instead of the Host OS (Mac OS X).

This has been very easy to do.  You just have to recognize that the Device filter have to be created for the Guest OS to mount the external HD first before the Host OS does.


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